Black Mambas #5 – Night Patrol!

I am super excited to be accompanying the Black Mambas on their night patrol this evening. I have no expectations as yet as who knows what’s in store! I’m guessing a lot of time they don’t know either given the unexpected and quickly changeable nature of their work.

I find having an open mindset is useful when I am on an adventure, and in life in general, as there is then less risk of feeling disappointed and every chance of feeling blown away with excitement by the new experience! A mantra that rings around in my mind is ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best’, this has become an old favourite of mine.

Yesterday I interviewed three of the Mambas which was a great start and the first time my camera has been out in the last week since I arrived. Part of that has been a conscious decision to try and get to know the Mambas without the camera looming but part of it has been down to logistics and not helped by ‘Lizzy’ the Landie breaking down on us yesterday. This cut the day very short.

On a positive front though, I’ve had much time to sit on my computer in the office getting through the slightly intimadating ‘things to do’ list. The positive thing about being passionately self-employed is most jobs feel meaningful and pushing for a common goal. Whether I’m writing press releases, organising events and talks or out with the Mambas, its all pushing to raise awareness and funds for the African elephants.


Photo credit: CNN