Black Mambas #7

I’m excited to be joining the G Mambas for a day and a night at their picket, to join them on their night patrol and their morning patrol tomorrow. I feel privileged to be invited into their ‘home’ and have the opportunity to immerse myself into their daily life and routine.

I’m getting conscious that time is skipping by and I’ve still got lots of filming to do! I am planning on visiting Marble’s village later in the week, plus a trip to the Bush Babies school programme. I am going to ask the children to colour in an elephant as part of my global visual petition.

This afternoon, Charlie & I are planning on taking Leytah to buy a sports bra. This will be the start of ultimately trying to get sports bras to each and every mamba as part of their uniform. I was thinking it would be good to try and source camo sports bras so they view it as part of their uniform and not a fashion item.

Other projects I intend to support through my charity, How Many Elephants, are:

  • Extra flash lights – 400 Rand each
  • Second hand clothes and toys from UK

The last few days have been quite chill. On Saturday I went and supported the Transfrontier Africa team at the Rhino Warrior Challenge (read shorter version of Tough Mudder). It was a challenging 5k course with lots of obstacles. The plan for next year is to do it with the Black Mambas. I’d better get in training because they are planning on practising each week on the obstacle course! Yikes! Some of the mambas came along to have a look. I felt pretty sorry for them slowly cooking in their uniforms as it was a roasting hot day. I made a short film for our two teams which I will post up shortly.

Amy, co-director of Transfrontier Africa, informed me the R64.645/70 that How Many Elephants has raised so far have been used to purchase a vehicle for the anti poaching unit. They are going to sign write the charity logo on the side. Pics to follow.

Massive thanks to all who have supported my campaign so far, especially local Alresford residents, businesses and schools.