Black Mambas #1

As I sit on the aeroplane gazing out of the window at the brown arid land between Cape Town and Hoedspruit, I feel excited. I am on my way to Balule Nature Reserve to live and immerse myself with the Black Mambas, South Africa’s first all female anti poaching team. In this moment, with the sun in my face and intrepidation in my heart, I am excited about what the next three weeks has in store. This journey is an adventure of a different kind. It’s a culmination of celebrating women, observing and contributing towards wildlife conservation, learning a new way of living, meeting new faces and soaking up new experiences. I am tingling with excitement of the unknown. My passion and belief in the work I do with How Many Elephants has led me to this point.

The stars are aligning and I’m right where I am meant to be, doing what I am here to do.

I met my lift at the airport. It was a process of elimination, when everyone left it was just the two of us standing there! My heavy duffel bag was thrown in the bag of the jeep alongside a pile of dismantled snares and off we went.

At the office were a handful of western folk who turned out to be my camp mates too. Mostly young volunteers or research students, some have visited multiple times. A friendly bunch.

Thunder and lightning, gourmet pasta and mash, couple of beers, introductions and good night! I feel excited to be here and with a good bunch of friendly folk too.