Black Mambas #3

Today I decided to take a day to catch up on emails etc. as my feet haven’t touched the ground since speaking at two conservation and travel conferences in Cape Town over the last two weeks. It was heavenly to wake up naturally rather than the abrupt interruption of the alarm clock!

What has struck me today is the feeling of exposure being in an open camp when there is no one else here (apart from P who was working in his office). I have found myself feeling quite apprehensive and a tad anxious at times, not helped by my limited knowledge and understanding of my environment right now. The advice I was given is, if it’s a lion, make yourself as big as possible and shout and stand your ground (stand your ground to a lion, rightio!!!) and if it’s an elephant, talk to it calmly and get the hell out of there but golden rule….no running!

The open air shower was also a touch exposing! I didn’t want to shut both eyes whilst shampooing my hair in case a lion had taken a front row seat. The reality was, no lion appeared and I got shampoo in my eyes! Sting!

I feel slightly out of my comfort zone at times but, like anything, you start to adapt as you gain knowledge and local know how.

This morning some of the crew heard lions and elephants quite close by camp. What an amazing, exhilarating and utterly terrifying thought! I have yet to see en elephant but C assures me I will see them over the next 18 days. I feel very happy to be here and be learning, expanding and cultivating knowledge every day.