As a passionate conservationist and founder of How Many Elephants, Holly will be attempting her third Guinness World Record to build the largest paper mache structure to beat the current record of 3.82m. The largest recorded African bull elephant was measured at 3.96m so it makes perfect sense for Holly to build an elephant made entirely in paper mache, to raise awareness of the African elephant crisis, attempt a new world record and raise funds for anti poaching projects. Holly is asking individuals to get involved in the build and local businesses to sponsor the world record attempt. This is a great opportunity to align your company with a worthwhile campaign, plus have the added benefits of extensive social media coverage and anticipated press and television coverage.

Current Record (m)
Our Attempt (m)



Alresford Youth Association have been generous supporters of this campaign. We are very grateful for your support!

Alresford Youth Association


WKL Building Supplies have kindly sponsored wallpaper paste, buckets and brushes to make this magic happen! Massive thank you for your support!

WKL Building Supplies


Holly Budge  @hollybudge
Looking forward to seeing all the artworks in this fantastic & workwhile exhibition.#sketchforsurvival 
Holly Budge  @hollybudge
Can’t wait to go to my first Yestival!!!! 👏👍😀