This visual petition is a powerful statement to the world declaring that, as a global culture, we will no longer stand by and let our elephants be poached to extinction. Elephants are revered all over the world, though a minority of humans are intent on wiping out these iconic creatures. Join me today!

Few people know @HowManyElephants are poached each day for their ivory. At this rate, they will be extinct by 2025. This script needs rewriting. My multi award-winning campaign, ‘How Many Elephants’, presents a physical commentary on the devastating impact of the ivory trade. It seeks to unite, educate and inspire global change.

1. Download and doodle, paint, draw your favourite elephant!

2. Take a photo of your masterpiece and upload to Instagram, using the hashtag #HowManyElephants

Thankyou! Together we can make a difference! Stay up to date with my campaign at